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Agriculture, Environment & Water


Irrigated Agriculture in Times of Climate Change

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Climate change has been identified as one of the world’s largest challenges. As the first sector to suffer its consequences, agriculture will have to adapt. Israeli agriculture has been anticipating the effects of climate change for decades and is impressively adapted for arid and semi-arid climates.

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Development of a Sustainable Aquaculture Industry

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There is a large global demand for fish products for their high nutritional value. Aquaculture is proving to be an important source of food for communities suffering from shortages, as well as a reliable source of income that is stimulating sustainable economies in rural areas. This programme is designed to provide...

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Agribusiness and Postharvest Management

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Agribusiness is still of central importance to most of the world’s economies. To effectively contribute to economic growth there must be coordinated links between agribusiness firms, farmers, retailers and others in the supply chain.

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Advanced Dairy Technology and Farm Management

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This programme shares the high yield model as developed in Israel. A country with little available land and a hot and dry climate, Israel's livestock industry has adapted intensive techniques and technologies that lead to the highest possible production, using renewable sources of energy and sustainable waste...

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Environmental Management

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Globally, policy makers and professionals are challenged with minimising the impact of consumption and industry on the environment. In Israel, where land, water, energy and other natural resources are either limited or non-existent, environmental research is not a luxury - it is a matter of survival.

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Integrated Water Resources Management

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We are all aware that without water, there would be no life. However, what is often ignored is the fact that water is also a key component of development. In Israel, a small semi-arid country, we have never taken water for granted.

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Customised Options.

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Organisations may request training tailored to their specific needs. Customised programmes are designed to advance specific goals and are oriented towards implementation. Clients may opt for monitoring and follow-up visits from our experts.

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