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Graduate Testimonials

Graduate Testimonials

July 2017


"The course on contemporary public administration highly recommended for all senior managers."

Ms. Lineka Nafula Bwile
Chief Officer, Public Service Management
Trans Nzoia County Government

"This course was timely for me. I recently moved from the private sector to the public sector and I needed just the right training to put everything into perspective for me. This course has done just that. I'm in a space where I can set and influence policy but like Moses, I didn't know what 'I had in my hands' until now. Thank you GIMI."

Mrs. Caren Nancy Atieno Otieno
Director of Communications
County Government of Kisumu

"The quality of the programme packages were indeed commendable. furthermore, the initiative to lace the programme with visits to historical sites of Israel provides additional pilgrimage experience packed into the course. i am indeed delighted to be an alumnus of this great institute and will be a worthy ambassador of the Institute wherever i go. Thank you so much."

N Capt. Ifeanyi Chidi Okpala
Assistant Director Campaign Planning
Nigerian Defence Headquarters (DHQ)

"The Israel Experience, is best suited to use be used to save Africa. Africa Needs to enhance is resources to save the continent and improve on Agriculture. My knowledge has been enhanced and I would impact all who I worked with, for the betterment of my Institution, Ghana and Africa as a whole. "

Mr. Eric Lipe Kofie Abaye
Administrative Officer
Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana (NMCGH)

"GIMI PA training model fits the description of being contemporay. The interactive and practical Israel experience helps the student to connect theory with reality which inspires and strengthens the hope of achieving similar results in their contemporary work environments."

Mr. Frederick Kwasi Osei
Assistant IT Officer
Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana (NMCGH)

"Being at the Galilee Institute showed me a new and improved way of management trough thinking, planning and executing. I look forward to come back to Argentina in order to implement this new skills."

Eng. Amelia Haydee Nieva Rodriguez
Technical Assistant Director
Hospital Regional de Concepción Dr. Miguel Belascuain

"The Public Administration Course was very beneficial to me in particular and hope that what I have learnt will be it beneficial to my county in Kenya (Nyamira). I hope that the county will send more staff to learn more on this course and other areas especially in agriculture and water management."

Mr. Richard Kobi Okeyo
County Chief Officer, Gender
Nyamira County Government


Bulle Buke Boru

"A Mind Opening Course Useful To Be Applied Back In My Country."

Josephine Waruguru Kanyi


Shobe Hajji Kore

"Linking the training material to examples in Israel that have worked successfully was extremely beneficial and made me know it can for my country as well."

Ms. Dorothy Kiyimba-Kisaka
Senior Presidential Advisor
Office of the Prime Minister

"What A Wonderful Experience I Have Discovered That Capacity Building Is The Most Precious Asset On Earth."

Mr. Francis Ndegwa Ngigi
Director of Finance
Tana River County Government


January 2017

"The institute is an avenue to impact leaders by the knowledge required for the task ahead."

Hon. Ndudi Godwin Elumelu
TransGlobal Insurance Brokers Ltd

"I have been around the world, but the experience in Israel was the best: warm people, receptive, cordial and engaging. I feel at home with everyone and everything."

Ms. Rosemary Nchinyei Paring'iro
Director of Public Communication and Media Relations
Turkana County Government

"I have really enjoyed the lectures and the topics. The environment was conducive and the resource persons were friendly, the coordinators wonderful."

Mr. Salisu Omaru
Chief Accountant
Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana (NMCGH)

"It was a nice stay in Galilee Institute, greatly enjoyed, the studies acquired will be of great value to my country. God bless Galilee, Nazareth and Israel."

Hon. Gladys Chepmwetich Kiyapyap
County Executive Committee Member (CEC)
West Pokot County Government

"GIMI is a great learning institute that African countries should partner with for socio-economic-political development for our continent."

Hon. Frank Andrew Ombati Marita
Executive Committee Member
Nyamira County Government

July 2016

"The courses offered by Galilee are very beneficial especially to a post conflict countries such as mine which faces challenges in capacity development."

Mr. Michael A. Clarke
Sr. Administrative Assistant to the Chairman
National Elections Commission (NEC)

"This course has transformed my thinking and perception on conducting public affairs - I believe am a better public servant for now and the future."

Mr. John Kwemoi Meng'wa
Chief Officer
Trans Nzoia County Government

"Focussed individuals like the team of Galilee institute management can change the world in integration and cohesion through learning. This study enabled me to meet with people from diverse countries."

Hon. Mr. Shadrach Yatich
CEC - Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
Elgeyo Marakwet County Government

"Excellent Content, Knowledgeable Resource Persons, Wonderful Environment."

Mrs. Rodah Awinja Masaviru
Kakamega County Public Service Board

"The programme is very useful and relevant to any leader. It very well organised with lecturers that are very knowledgeable and experienced in their fields."

Mrs. Agneta Syeunda Buluma Akhaabi
Chairperson, Busia County Public Service Board Busia County Government

"I am extremely thankful that I was able to attend this prestigious programme as not only the content, lecturers and field visits were of top quality but the most crucial component was relating it to the Israeli experience. It is unique but at the same time universal in its capacity building strategies as we can apply the same principles approach and attitude to the God - given gifts in our countries and in ourselves. Thank you GIMI for the gift of knowledge sharing. I highly recommend your programmes to others."

Mrs. Rula Levi
Chief Executive Officer
Samoa Housing Corporation

"Well Balanced Programme, experiential learning coupled with sight-seeing, networking opportunities and lots of fun."

Hon. Ms. Pamela Rita Munyi
CEC, Public Service and Administration
Embu County Government

"The global experience and course content is a phenomenon experience."

Ms. Claire Namenge Sifuna
Secretary, County Public Service Board Trans Nzoia County Government

"A two weekcCourse in practical learning from the rich experience of Israel lecturers and exchange of ideas and views of fellow participants."

Mr. Lawrence Asidaga Masaviru
Member, County Public Service Board
Trans Nzoia County Government

January 2016


"It was an an amazing experience being here at Galilee Institute, to learn from great minds, academics and top leaders in Israel. The anchorage here is for countries and individuals to adapt to the future, and this is through capacity building and application of the knowledge learnt."

Ms. Kathreen Asinyen Ereng
Clerk Assistant
Turkana County Assembly

"The Israel Experience has taught me one thing, "a NO" answer does not exist in Israel and that every problem has a unique solution."

Mr. Jack Okeyo Kasole Wasonga
Internal Audit Manager
Kenya Maritime Authority

"It is a course for now and the future generations. It is a multi-sectoral approach not only to development but enhancement of human capacity to survive in the challenging and ever changing and demanding enviroment."

The Hon. Peter Ekai Lokoel
Deputy Governor
Turkana County Assembly

“The course instructors are some of the best I have encountered. The courses are tailored to your needs and the practical skills gained, if applied, will positively change your performance as a leader in your organization."

Ms. Emily Atieno Olago
Member, Public Service Board
County Government of Kisumu

January 2015


“The programme gave me an opportunity to reflect on various areas of management, basic as they may be, that are necessary and should not be ignored to be a team player, effective and efficient manager. The balance of class work and study tours and excursions was excellent and memorable experience.”

Mrs. Katongo Sabina Mulenga Chifwepa
Cabinet Office

“This course is very benefical because it coverd all the areas of interest for a public officer. You get to learn the best practise for Israel and also other nations of the world from other participants . It is agreat experince.”

Ms. Elipida Mwakamba
Taita Taveta County Government, County Public Service Board


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