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Transport & Maritime Studies


Transport: Planning, Development and Management

  • English

Transport is without doubt a vital leg on which modern society stands. When improperly planned, the side effects of transport systems are unduly harmful.

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Port Senior Management

  • English

Human proficiency is the most crucial factor in the effective operation of port and transport services. A successful and well-run port contributes to the economy; therefore port personnel must be apprised and updated with all the relevant innovations available.

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Maritime and Port Security

  • English

Maritime security must be a coordinated effort between public, private and international entities, if it is to effectively address all threats. Together with other international participants, we will closely examine the information, methods, technology and resources required to strengthen national security, especially...

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Customised Options

  • English

Organisations have the option of choosing training tailored to their specific needs. Customised programmes are appropriate for organisations with specific goals, as they can also be oriented towards implementation. Clients may opt for monitoring and follow-up visits from our experts. The programmes may be delivered...

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