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Strategic Studies


National Security

  • English, 
  • Portuguese

This programme aims to enable participants to respond effectively to current security challenges in both international and national arenas. It offers a deeper understanding of combined operations and strategy management as well as broader aspects of national security and defence. Security is not achieved with...

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Crisis and Mass Disaster Management

  • English, 
  • French, 
  • Spanish

The double threats of terrorism and extreme natural disasters have turned formerly stable, civilian environs into “kingdoms of uncertainty”. The unexpected nature of natural disasters, human accidents and terrorism intensifies the risk of catastrophe, therefore it is crucial to anticipate all possible scenarios...

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Maritime and Port Security

  • English

Maritime security must be a coordinated effort between public, private and international entities if it is to effectively address all threats. Together with other international participants, we will closely examine the information, methods, technology and resources required to strengthen national security, especially...

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Diplomacy Today: New Challenges

  • English

Globalisation, mass communication and ongoing conflict continue to shape demands on diplomats. This programme is designed to add value to participants by preparing them to face the ever-increasing challenges that the current global reality presents. Israel can share its experience as a small country that receives...

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Innovations in Prisoner Rehabilitation – The Israeli Experience

  • English

The rehabilitation of prisoners is beneficial not only to the individuals who undergo rehabilitation and their families, but also to society at large. Prisoner rehabilitation reduces crime rate together with social and economic costs incurred by it. The cost of recidivism to the correctional service system is also...

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Customised Options

  • English

Organisations have the option of choosing training tailored to their specific needs. Customised programmes are appropriate for organisations with specific goals, as they can also be oriented towards implementation. Clients may opt for monitoring and follow-up visits from our experts. The programmes may be delivered...

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