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Dr. Eran Hadas

Dr. Eran Hadas

PhD in Marine Invertebrate Biology, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, Israel
MSc in Aquaculture, BSc in Animal Sciences, Hebrew University, Rehovot, Israel
B.Sc. in Animal Science with Honors, the Hebrew University, Rehovot, Israel

Eran Hadas is an accomplished aquaculture consultant with expertise in aquafeeds for HADAS AquaFeed Solutions. He is the founder of “HADAS AquaFeed solutions”, a compancy that provides services to important organisations in the industry, including Premier Feed Mills, Nigeria, Zemach Feed Mills, Israel, Ge-Pro Proteins, Germany and various fish farms in Israel.
Dr. Hadas has almost twenty years of academic and professional experience in the field. Previously he has served as the Head of Nutrition for “Raanan Fish Feed Ltd”, as the Production Manager for a Marine Fish Farm and as a Researcher in aquaculture for the Israeli Centre for Mariculture. He has directed research and development efforts, and provided consulting services to fish feed production mills and fish farms. His consultancy services address areas of feed formulation, feed production processes and quality control throughout Asia, Europe and Africa.


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