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Dr. Ernesto Kahan

Dr. Ernesto Kahan

MD, University of Buenos Aires
PhD Literature and Poetry, University of Buenos Aires
Master Public Health, University Buenos Aires

Dr. Ernesto Kahan has served as a professor in several universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tel Aviv, Israel; the Dominican Republic, UNAM, Mexico; Alas Peruanas, Peru; Salamanca, Spain and the University of Washington, United States. He is an Academic of Honor in the Royal European Academy of Doctors, an Academic in the International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH) Spain and Vice-President 1º of the World Academy of Arts and Culture (UNESCO).

Dr. Kahan is the former Director of the Department of Epidemiology at Bar Ilan University and the Director of the Department of Epidemiology at the Institute for Health at Work at Tel Aviv University, Israel. He served as the Former Director General of the Ministry of Health in Argentina, as well as the Former Vice Director of the Rabin Medical Centre in Israel. In 1998 he served as the Director of Evaluation at the World Bank for primary health services programmes in Ecuador. He served as Vice-President of Doctors International for the Prevention of Nuclear War when the group won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 and was delegate to the ceremony. Dr. Kahan has also served as Vice President of the International Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC), President of the Union of Latino Writers, and Vice Director of the Board of Directors of the Global Harmony Association (GHA). He is the President of the Association of Israeli Writers in Spanish.


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