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Senior Faculty

Senior Faculty

Dr. Yoram Melavski

PhD Food Science and Food Toxicology, Oregon State University

PhD Food Science and Food Toxicology, Michigan State University

MSc Agricultural Biochemistry, Hebrew University, Rehovot Israel

BSc Agriculture, Hebrew University, Rehovot Israel


Yoram Melavski is the director of a consulting company named Mayare International. He is a lecturer in food industry inspection, quality assurance in the food industry, sensory evaluation, adaptation of food products for export markets and food industry development. He has research experience in the USA, Venezuela and Israel. Mr. Melavski is Director of the Ministry of Agriculture's Soil Conservation and Drainage Division, Deputy Director of the Volcani Institute's Agriculture Research Centre, Israel, Director of the Agricultural and Rural Planning Department of Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd., Israel, Deputy Director of the Jewish Agency's Settlement Department, Israel, Head of the Land Development Division at the Jewish National Fund, Israel, and Director of the Economic and Projects Division at the Co-op Blue Square supermarket chain,Israel.


Mr. Ami Hamtzany

MBA Hebrew University, Jerusalem

BA Economics and Mangement, Ruppin Academic Center

Ami Hamtzany is a lecturer in economics, finance, banking, decision making and financial models for the Ruppin Academic Centre and Emek Yezreel Academic College, as well as a lecturer in Finance and Project Development for professional training programmes on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture. He is the former CEO of the Ruppin Academic Centre and former Deputy Director General of the SELA Administration of the Prime Minister’s Office. He served as Deputy Manager at the Administration of the Kibbutzim Agreement Ltd., as the founder and General Manager of Elsyco Ltd (Industrial Computers and Control Systems) and as the former General Manager of Kibbutz Gshur.


Mr. Raanan Katzir

MSc Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University, Rehovot

BSc Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University, Rehovot

Raanan Katzir is an agronomist with forty years of experience in the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. He served as the National Coordinator of Agricultural Research and Extension, the Head of the National Plant Quarantine Office and as the Director of International Projects in transitional countries within the framework of the Israeli Agency for International Cooperation.  Today Mr. Katzir is a lecturer and consultant for transitional countries in South America, Africa, Central Europe, as well as China, India and Oceania. He is the  Director of the Sustainable Agriculture Consulting Group (SACOG), which offers lectures and consulting in Israel and other industrial and transitional countries. 


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