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18/08/2017 | Transport Leadership Programme Delivered in Ethiopia

18/08/2017 | Transport Leadership Programme Delivered in Ethiopia

Galilee International Management Institute delivered the first part of a special programme tailor-made for the Ministry of Transport of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia entitled "Ethiopia Transport Leadership Programme".

The goals of the programme are:

  • To enhance the knowledge of Ethiopian Transport  management leaders in planning, development and management of Transport  systems on the national, regional and local levels
  • To share the Israeli experience in Transport  planning and development
  • To increase the capacities and competence in public transport planning and road safety

Around 30 participants, including the top leadership within the transport sector, attended the programme in Ethiopia and plan to deepen their knowledge by attending the second part of the programme in Israel during the autumn.

Closing ceremony addressed by the Ethiopian Transport Minister Yadeta with Dr. Becker and The Hon. Tal Yaalon

 Minister Yadeta, Tal Yaalon, Moshe Becker and Haim Aviram with the Participants

Mr. Aviram Strulov with the participants


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