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23/01/2017 | Galilee Institute visits Jordan to Establish Cooperation

23/01/2017 | Galilee Institute visits Jordan to Establish Cooperation

A delegation of senior officials from Galilee Institute visited Amman, Jordan in order to plan joint educational and training programmes.
The delegation included Dr. Joseph Shevel, President of Galilee Institute, together with Mr. Or Gabrieli, Director of the programme on “preparation to disasters”, Ms. Marcia Kautz, Director, Lusophone Department and Ms. Yahel Winaver, Personal Assistant to the President.

The delegation met with the Management of JHAS-International – headed by Dr. Yaourp Ajlouni, an old friend of Galilee Institute. The 2 managements agreed to plan and hold a special programme on “preparation to disasters, based on the Israeli experience”. One part of the training will be held in Jordan and the second part in Israel at the Galilee Institute.

The delegation also met with Mr. Riad Huri (Abu George), a consultant of the World Bank who resides in Amman. The plan is to initiate an educational and training programme for Canadian students, in a multi-cultural programme which will include studies in Israel (at Galilee Institute), in Palestine and in Jordan.

The delegation was planning to visit Philadelphia University, as this university is a partner member of EMUNI – the Euro Mediterranean University – together with Galilee Institute and Dr. Badran is the Jordanian representative to the Senate of EMUNI, however, this meeting was postponed due to the busy schedule of Dr. Badran.
Another joint programme that was discussed was in agriculture, and especially in arid land.


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