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Transport: Planning, Development and Management

Transport: Planning, Development and Management

Dates: 13 - 26 February, 2018
17 - 31 October, 2018

Transport is without doubt a vital leg on which modern society stands. When improperly planned, the side effects of transport systems are unduly harmful. Road accidents, air pollution, congestion and delays in the transference of goods and services can be minimised if available funds and efforts are invested in proper planning, development and management. More so than technology itself, well thought out solutions based on accurate knowledge and an understanding of what experience has taught us, is key. This is the focus of the programme.


14 days 

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This programme is designed for:

All professionals in the transport sector
Senior government officials
Directors of regional offices
Directors of municipal offices
Private consultants


Effective and Efficient Management of Transport

  • Economic Aspects of Land Transport Systems                                    
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Project Management


Transport Planning, Development and Logistics

  • Transport and Road Safety
  • National Transport Strategy
  • PPP - Executing National Projects under Resource Constraints
  • Basic Principles of Public Transport
  • Preventive Maintenance in Public Transport
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Transport Policy
  • Strategic and Practical Issues 

Study Tours

The programme includes study tours to the public transport sector, including private companies and major projects in Israel’s main cities.

* The curriculum and study tours are subject to change at the discretion of the administration. 


Tuition Fee $2,770 (Tuition scholarships are available on “first come first serve” basis)

Local Expense Fee $4,250 Double Accommodation, $5,450 Single Accommodation


We love our alumni
Ms. Linda Gutman


Ms. Linda Gutman

Programme Director, Centre for Transport and Maritime Studies
Dr. Moshe Becker


Dr. Moshe Becker