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Health Systems Management

Health Systems Management

Dates: 15 - 28 November, 2017
1 - 14 May, 2018

For health systems to be affordable and equitable, enabling them to save more lives, coordination between authorities is of paramount importance. Participants in this programme will consider the complexities of enhancing such coordination, in discussions with leading experts and visits to key health organisations. The programme aims to hone their ability to define economic and social priorities in order to implement budgetary and other patient oriented reforms.



14 days

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This programme is designed for

Hospital Directors and Officers
Government Officials
Medical Doctors
Health Administrators
Policy Makers
Health Organisation Directorst


  • Universal Health Coverage
  • Role of Primary and Secondary Healthcare
  • Family Medicine as a Base of the Health System
  • Health Services in Crises and Mass Disasters
  • Social Responsibility of Physicians
  • Addressing Failures in Healthcare Systems
  • Healthcare Facility Development
  • Human Resources and Financial Management
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Environmental Impact on Health
  • Project Management and Presentationnt

Study Tours

The programmes include study tours to governmental and private medical centres, hospitals and clinics that have implemented innovative approaches to public health.

* The curriculum and study tours are subject to change at the discretion of the administration. 


Tuition Fee $2,770 (Tuition scholarships are available)

Local Expense Fee $4,250 Double Accommodation, $5,450 Single Accommodation 


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Mrs. Rakefet Kaufman

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Mrs. Rakefet Kaufman

Programme Director, Centre for Health Management