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Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Dates: 25 October - 7 November, 2017
13 - 26 March, 2018

Globally, policy makers and professionals are challenged with minimising the impact of consumption and industry on the environment.  In Israel, where land, water, energy and other natural resources are either limited or non-existent, environmental research is not a luxury - it is a matter of survival. This course aims to share the solutions to waste treatment, energy, air and water quality that have been successfully adapted over the years. They seek to maximise socio-economic potential while preventing consequences that threaten the integrity of the environment and its resources and are harmful to our health.


14 days

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Programme is designed for

Government officials

Directors of regional offices responsible for the environmental sector

Private sector professionals

Consultants in the environmental sector

Executives whose work affects the environment

Academics and researchers


  • Definition of Ecological Problems
  • International Environmental Legislation and Agreements
  • Solution to Ecological Problems: Technologies and Approaches
    • Solid Waste: Recycling, Incineration, Pyrolysis, Fermentation
    • Waste Water Treatment Technologies: Intensive & Extensive
    • Air Pollution: Scrubbers and Filters
  • Environmental Impact on Health
  • Climate Changes and Governmental Action
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies: Solar, Wind, Biomass
  • Environmental Leadership and Communal Action
  • Desertification
  • Project Management:
    • Concept and Development
    • Timing and Budgeting
    • Evaluation

Study Tours

  • Air Quality Monitoring Station
  • Landfill and Gas Project
  • Waste Recycling Plant
  • Community Compost Site
  • Wind Farm
  • Association of Towns for Environmental Quality
  • Reforestation Project
  • Extensive Water Treatment and Recycling

* The curriculum and study tours are subject to change at the discretion of the administration. 


Tuition Fee- $2,770 (Tuition scholarships are available)

Local Expense Fee $4,250 Double Accommodation, $5,450 Single Accommodation 


We love our alumni
Mrs. Janine Golan

For more info contact

Mrs. Janine Golan

Programme Director Centre for Agriculture, Environment and Water
Dr. Ofer Dressler

Academic Director

Dr. Ofer Dressler

Academic Director Environmental Management