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Development of a Sustainable Aquaculture Industry

Development of a Sustainable Aquaculture Industry

Dates: 25 October - 7 November, 2017
13 - 26 March, 2018

As fish products are high in both nutritional value and global demand, aquaculture will prove to be an important source of food for communities suffering from shortage, as well as a reliable source of income, stimulating sustainable economies in rural areas.  This programme is designed to both qualify business people in aquaculture and to provide practical tools for policy makers facing decisions over large scale aquaculture development programmes. The programme will concentrate on two major fish species: tilapia and African catfish (clarias sp.).



14 days 

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Basic Fish Physiology
Aquaculture Production Systems
Water Quality in Aquaculture
Farm Management and Fish Handling
Practical Fish Feeding
Fish Feed Production Technology
Medical Treatment of Fish
Reproduction Technology
Fish Processing
Fish Pond Wastewater Recycling
Aquaponics: Alternative Fish Culture
Marketing for Local Markets and Export
Managing Small Businesses

Study Tours

Edible Fish Production Systems
Fish Hatchery
Feed Mill for Production of Extruded Fish Feed
Aquaculture in Arid Zones
Oceanographic and Limnological National Institute
Equipment for Aquaculture and Water Quality Control
Field Crops Irrigated by Fish Pond Wastewater

A full day of practical training in aquaculture

*Details in the curriculum and study tours are subject to change at the discretion of the administration.

Programme is designed for

Government officials in the agriculture sector

Policy makers in the agriculture sector

Businesspeople and entrepreneurs

Professionals involved in community agriculture projects

Professionals involved in aquaculture development projects

Consultants in the agriculture sector

Financers of aquaculture projects


Tuition Fee- $2,770 (Tuition scholarships are available)

Local Expense Fee $4,250 Double Accommodation, $5,450 Single Accommodation 


We love our alumni
Mrs. Shiri Salant


Mrs. Shiri Salant

Director, Centre for Agriculture, Environment and Water
Dr. Eran Hadas


Dr. Eran Hadas