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New Approaches to Prison Management and Rehabilitation

In today’s fast changing world, the need for highly efficient management of prisons and similar institutions has never been greater. Effective management of prisons, has been linked, both in theory and practice, to sustained economic development and is the key to developing modern prison systems and principles. Governments and prison services around the world are undergoing processes of renewal and reform that demand new knowledge, skills and leadership abilities in order to meet the new challenges and take advantage of the new opportunities in prison management. 

The Galilee International Management Institute offers this intensive workshop to introduce and update prison managers, to high performance management.

This shift in the focus of prison management has led to the move from an input to an output orientation. The stress on quality prisoner-based service and the increasing role of performance-based management systems, gives rise to a new concept of responsible professionalism within the prison.

Target Group
The workshop is designed for government officials connected to the prison services, senior managers involved in the running of a prison and prison administrators and organisations dealing with rehabilitation, including the following

Bullet 1 Ministry of Justice
Bullet 1 Prison Services
Bullet 1 Ministry of Home Affairs
Bullet 1 Ministry of Security
Bullet 1 Rehabilitation services

Programme Methodology
Lectures by faculty members and resource persons from (IPS) will be supplemented by:

Bullet 1 Case study analyses
Bullet 1 Methodical presentations
Bullet 1 Best practice case analyses
Bullet 1 Group discussions
Bullet 1 Group work
Bullet 1 Interactive learning experiences
Bullet 1 Q & A sessions

The programme aims to develop proficiency in the following areas:

Bullet 1 Leadership, to enable participants to master complex material in managing
Bullet 1 Knowledge of the economic, medical, epidemiological, social, community
  and political aspects that relate specifically to prisons and to the prison
  service, in order to understand their influence on the prisoners and their
  implications on the  whole of society
Bullet 1 Advanced skills of administration and policy analysis and their
  implementation in prison management
Bullet 1 Ability to develop financially viable programmes and projects together
  with how to gain the support of the community

The following is the study curriculum of the programme:

Bullet 1 Correctional and Prison Service in Different Countries
Bullet 1 Project Management: Concept and Development
Bullet 1 Principles of the Israeli Legal System
Bullet 1 Parole Board in Israel
Bullet 1 Organisation of Prison Services
Bullet 1 Terrorists Behind Walls: Legal Aspects
Bullet 1 Recent Developments in Prison Management
Bullet 1 The Year 2011 in Correction Management : Escapes and Hunger Strikes
Bullet 1 Internal Control and Major Dilemmas- Theory and Practice for the Prison Manager
Bullet 1 Rehabilitation vs. Holding: The Case of Ofek Adolescent Prison
Bullet 1 Lessons and Challenges: Group Discussion
Bullet 1 Prison Management in the 21st Century: New Approaches
Bullet 1 Classification of Inmates as Key to Successful Management
Bullet 1 Prisoner Care and Treatment Programmes
Bullet 1 Responsibility, Accountability and Ethical Dilemmas in Prison Management
Bullet 1 Model for Formulation of National Prison System Operating Plan
Bullet 1 Prison as a component in the Terror process

Please note: The above curriculum outline is intended as a guide only. The sequence of programme offerings is subject to change at the discretion of the administration.

Mr. Or Gabrieli
Programme Director
Centre of Strategic Studies
Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI)
E-mail or
Phone: 972 4 642 8888
Fax: 972 4 651 4811

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