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Galilee Home page » About Us » Archive News 2012 » 21/03/2012 - Mrs. Carina Baum, GIMI Registrar, visit in Kenya
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21/03/2012 - Mrs. Carina Baum, GIMI Registrar, visit in Kenya


Carina parted ways with Dr. Shevel and flew to Nairobi.  She was kindly met by a dear graduate Prof. Daniel Mugendi, Board Member of KEFRI, who saw her safely to the Hotel. On Saturday, Mrs. Leah Munyao, Registrar and acting VC of Management University of Africa  took  Carina to the Maasai Market, where she had a wonderful time.

Prof. Daniel Mugendi, Board Member of KEFRI and Carina

Mrs. Leah Munyao, Registrar and Acting Vice Chancellor of MUA - with Carina at the Masai Market, Nairobi

On Sunday, Carina was delighted to receive a visit from another graduate, Mr. Daniel Bolo, who came especially to the hotel, with his wife. We would like to extend our deep gratitude to Mr. Daniel Bolo, for taking such good care of Carina during her entire stay in Nairobi.

Carina at the Fairview Hotel  with Mr. and Mrs. Bolo

During her stay in Kenya, Carina had many meetings and the first one took place at the Management University of Africa. Carina was delighted to meet many of the Faculty; she took this opportunity of introducing the ideas and mission of GIMI.

Carina with the Faculty of the Management University of Africa, Nairobi

Carina held a fruitful meeting with Dr. Paul Wasanga, Council Secretary and Prof. Kabiru Kinyanjui, Chairman - Kenyan National Examinations Council. Where she was also delighted to meet Ms. Rosebeth Kaburia, Principal Administrative Officer

Dr. Paul Wasanga, Council Secretary and Prof. Kabiru Kinyanjui, Chairman - Kenyan National Examinations Council with Carina

Carina met with another graduate Dr. Charles Sotz, University Secretary, at Strathmore University, she also met Dr. Izael Pereira Da Silva, the Deputy VC and was most impressed by the facilities and extra-curricular activities that she saw there.

At Strathmore Business School Carina had a most enjoyable meeting with Mrs. Stella Masinde, Head of Customised Programmes – Executive Education.

Dr. Charles Sotz, University Secretary, Strathmore University, with Carina

Carina then went on to the University of Nairobi to meet her counterpart, the Academic Registrar, Mr. Ben Waweru, this very fruitful meeting was arranged by the Administrator Mrs. Monica Ng`ang`a. They discussed sending the faculty to participate in programmes held here in Israel and further cooperation between the two Institutes.

Carina visited Inoorero University, where she was warmly hosted by our graduate Ms. Agnes Wamuyu Kambo, Deputy Vice Chancellor. They had very beneficial discussions on cooperation including Masters and various other Management programmes.

Ms. Agnes Wamuyu Kambo, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Inoorero University, Kenya with Carina

Carina was delighted to meet Mrs. Efrat Abudi from the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi who has been very helpful to us and our Students throughout the years

Efrat Abudi, Carina Baum and Reut Hagag at the Art Caffe in Nairobi

Before Carina left for Eldoret, she also visited the Office of the President under the kind auspices of Mr. Daniel Bolo, who also kindly took her to visit the Kenya International Conference Centre, where they are pictured below.

Carina and Mr. Daniel Bolo at KICC, Kenya

Moi, Eldoret

Carina flew to Eldoret, and was delighted to find out that she was on the same plane as one of her dear graduates from Moi University, the Deputy VC Professor Bobby Ernest Wishitemi, who introduced her to the VC Professor Richard K. Mibey;  who we are looking forward to seeing at Galilee Institute in the very near future. After this eventful journey, Carina was kindly met by another dear graduate, Dr. John Mugun Boit and was delighted to see yet another graduate arriving at the airport on a different flight; Carina had a warm reunion with Ms. Milcah Jelagat Mutwol.
Dr. John Mugun Boit and Ms. Milcah Jelagat Mutwol arranged both a meeting with the VC and Faculty members and a very interesting tour of the Rivatex textile factory, which belongs to Moi University.

Dr. John Mugun Boit, Senior Principal Administrative Officer, Moi University , Kenya

After a highly proactive meeting, Dr. Boit and Ms. Mutwol took Carina to a National Exposition that was being held in Eldoret, where she was pleased to meet another graduate Prof. Samuel Gudu, Deputy Vice-chancellor (Planning and Development). Carina had great pleasure in seeing the Moi University Choir in action and learning what the students are currently engaged in. After this Carina enjoyed lunch with Professor Bobby Ernest Wishitemi, the deans  and more Faculty of Moi University.

Moi University Choir

Prof. Paul K. Chepkuto, Director of PSSP, Moi University

We thank our dear hosts Ms. Mutwol, Dr. Boit and Prof. Wishitemi for the marvellous hospitality and care of Carina.

Ms. Milcah Jelagat Mutwol, Finance Officer at Moi University, Eldoret Kenya, with Carina

On her way back to Nairobi, at the airport, Carina was very happy to meet up our graduate, Prof. Margaret Jepcoech Kamar MP, Minister at the  Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

Prof. Margaret Jepcoech Kamar Minister, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology with Carina Baum

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