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Israeli Agriculture Technology

Israeli Agriculture; Technology & Innovations - tomorrow’s food security challenge answered today.

Since the establishment of the state of Israel, the country has become a world leader in agricultural technology and water management. In light of the recent surge in global food prices, and the challenge of food security in the 21st century such advances, which have major applications in increasing crop yields, are more important than ever.

Israeli agriculturalists developed revolutionary drip irrigation systems which provide massive savings in water consumption. In addition, Israel has developed advanced water management and treatment practices; today, 44 percent of the water used for agriculture in Israel comes from recycled and low quality water.

Israel also has developed and introduced automated milking and dairy herd management systems and egg-collecting equipment, computerized feeding systems and production-recording computers. Other Israeli innovations include computerized fertigation, (a process that automatically injects fertilizer through irrigation systems), gravity-based drip systems for developing countries, and advanced temperature and humidity control.

For more information visit: http://www.galilcol.ac.il/agriculture/
Contact: Liz Shani, eshani@galilcol.ac.il

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