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Words from the President

Words from the President

Our aim is to share the Israeli experience of social and economic development with leaders all around the world. From 1987 until today, thousands of leaders have participated in the short and long training programmes, which focus on education and capacity building as a major vehicle for development. All studies indicate that the societies and countries that base their strategies on research and capacity building show rapid and balanced growth.

Israel became independent in 1948, in less than 70 years the country became a global high tech centre thanks to investment in education and capacity building. Israeli agriculture is also high tech, which enables farmers to compete successfully in the world market. Our programmes aim to share the knowledge acquired with those responsible for furthering the development of their countries.

We continue to work with our Alumni while back in their countries to ensure implementation of methods and techniques that were successful in Israel and that are adapted to local resources and needs.

Dr. Joseph Shevel


We love our alumni