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Contemporary Public Administration Management

Contemporary Public Administration Management

Dates: 24 January - 5 February, 2018
28 June - 9 July, 2018

This programme is an advanced course for leaders and policy makers in the public sector. It is designed to enhance the efficiency, accountability and responsiveness of organisations, expanding the influence of their work and enabling effective implementation. It is an essential course for public service delivery and capacity building in order to better serve the public.


12 days 

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This programme is designed for

Government officials
Policy makers
Decision makers
Heads of organisations


  • Strategic Leadership
  • Quality Management in the Public Sector
  • Policy Implementation
  • National vs. Local Government Dynamics
  • Economic Development
  • Anti-Corruption Strategies
  • Strategic HR Management
  • E-government
  • Decision Making Process in Public Administration
  • Executive Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Means to Improve Public Services
  • Scenario Planning in the Public Sector
  • M & E (monitoring and evaluation)
  • Marketing and Competitive Strategies in the Public Sector

Study Tours

  • Government Offices and Organisations
  • Israeli Parliament
  • Local Government Authority
  • Regional Council
  • Public Service Authorities
  • Anti-Corruption Commission

* The curriculum and study tours are subject to change at the discretion of the administration.


Tuition Fee- $2,900 (Tuition scholarships are available on “first come first serve” basis)

Local Expense Fee $5,900 Single Accommodation


We love our alumni
Mrs. Hanit Pollak-Pinto

Mrs. Hanit Pollak-Pinto

Mrs. Hanit Pollak-Pinto

Director, Centre for Capacity Building Development
Dr. Yariv Sagi


Dr. Yariv Sagi