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Crisis and Mass Disaster Management

Crisis and Mass Disaster Management

Dates: 7 - 18 December, 2017

The double threats of terrorism and extreme natural disasters have turned formerly stable, civilian environs into “kingdoms of uncertainty”.  The unexpected nature of natural disasters, human accidents and terrorism intensifies the risk of catastrophe, therefore it is crucial to anticipate all possible scenarios and manage cooperative response networks. This programme addresses the most efficient application of resources in times of crises, analysis of potential disasters and emergency preparedness.



12 days

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This programme is designed for:

Ministries of Interior, Internal security and Health

Police forces

Fire brigades

National guards

Disaster prevention and relief agencies

Disaster recovery agencies


  • Emergency Management as a Profession
  • National Disaster Management Plan
  • Emergencies: Public Resilience and Behaviour
  • Crisis Communication and Media Management
  • Role of the Health Service during Crises and Mass Disasters
  • Community Emergency Teams (CET)
  • Police Action in Crises
  • Role of the Fire Department

Study Tours

The programme will include study tours to a regional council in a conflict area, a hospital and the Israeli emergency services.


* The curriculum and study tours are subject to change at the discretion of the administration. 


Tuition Fee $2,900 (Tuition scholarships are available)

Local Expense Fee $5,900 Single Accommodation


We love our alumni
Ms. Ayelen Arana


Ms. Ayelen Arana

Programme Director, Centre for Strategic Studies
Mr. Michael (Mene) Sircovich

Academic Director

Mr. Michael (Mene) Sircovich

Academic Director