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Alumni Newsletter July- August 2015

Alumni Newsletter July- August 2015

Dearest Alumni Family

Thanking all who sent me such positive and warm comments about the last Newsletter and hoping that you find this newsletter interesting and informative as well. I wish that I could answer all your kind words on an individual basis, but I simply do not have the time. However, of course if you have specific queries, you will always receive a reply, as I do read all your responses.

My thanks as always to Co-Editor Eyal Weissbuch; without Eyal this Newsletter would not be possible.

Just to remind you that we have not added too many photographs to the first page of the news, but please make sure that you click READ MORE, as there you will find many photographs and information.

Warmest regards from all here,



GIMI Abroad


Burkina Faso

Dr. Joseph Shevel, President of GIMI and Katja Ginda, Director of GIMI's Francophone Department, visit Burkina Faso.

Read more >>>


Presidential Candidate M. Eddie Komboigo and Dr. Joseph Shevel



At the end of July, Dr. Shevel met with the Honourable Mr. Rochas Okorocha, the Governor of Imo State, regarding capacity building in the area of Agriculture. Read more >>>


Dr. Joseph Shevel with The Honourable Mr. Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, GIMI Graduate Professor Chigozie Cyril Asiabaka, Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Owerri (FUTO) and the Rector of Imo State Polytechnic


GIMI Management visits Malawi and Zambia

Major General (Ret.) Dr. Baruch Levy, Chairman of the Board and Dr. Joseph Shevel, President of Galilee Institute paid a short visit to Malawi and Zambia at the end of June, beginning of July.



They started their meetings at the airport! Graduate Ms. Janet Chitukula Chidengu, Social Welfare Officer at the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare came to airport to meet them, as she couldn’t make it to the graduate meeting, which was called at very short notice. Read more about Malawi >>>


Hon. Dr. Allan J. Chiyembekeza, MP, the Minister of of Agriculture and Irrigation with Dr. Shevel and Dr. Levy



Major General (Ret.) Dr. Levy and Dr. Shevel then flew to Zambia for further important meetings.  They held a fruitful meeting with Mr. George Okech, FAO Representative, FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Read more about Zambia >>>


Minister of Foreign Affairs, the  Hon MP Harry Kalaba with Dr. Levy and Dr. Shevel



GIMI held a Human Resource Management programme for the Port Management Association of West and Central Africa (PMAWCA) hosted by Ghana Ports.  The lecturers were Eitan Ostrovsky and Horacio Kurland. The programme was held in English and French with simultaneous translation


Human Resource Management programme



Dr. Shevel was in Hungary as he was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Conference ‘Rethinking Public Governance’ held by the TRANSATLANTIC POLICY CONSORTIUM. Read more >>>




Galilee Institute will be present at the 51st MAPUTO INTERNATIONAL FAIR - FACIM 2015  - taking place between 31 Aug – 06 Sep 2015 at 10:00 to 18:00 each day. GIMI's booth is in Pavilion number 3, Stand Number 30, we would be delighted to see GIMI graduates from all over Africa, if they are attending the Fair.  Additionally GIMI Lecturer Ms. Ruth Tzvik  will be delivering a lecture in Portuguese  "Israel: Challenges and Innovative Solutions"  on 2nd September at 16:15 in the Main Conference Room - Pavilion "Moçambique".  This will be followed by a graduates only meeting in the conference room. 

FACIM - Details


GIMI at Home


Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation

Galilee International Management Institute, aids Ethiopia by training of Road  Engineers. 

Read more >>>


Ethiopian Engineers on a Study Tour



A customised training programme, developed for officials from Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA), Tanzania, took place in July at Galilee Institute. The week long Digital Control of Non-Revenue Water Study Programme included study tours and lectures from Israeli experts and professionals and exposure to the latest technologies in the field of control of non-revenue water.





A group from the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative (IFFCO) participated in a 7-day  customised Irrigation and Intensive Crop Management Study Programme that had been specially designed to meet IFFCO’s particular training needs. Participants attended lectures and study visits to relevant organisations and farms for crop production and irrigation systems, innovation and technologies.  For more pictures click here.




French Programme on 'Infrastructure Development and Regional Integration'

The first programme was successfully delivered between 14 and 27 July 2015. Infrastructure development is a key factor for progress; improving competitiveness; facilitating regional economic integration and stimulating exchanges, resulting in growth and creating jobs. Please click here for full information. Infrastructure Programme (French)


'Infrastructure Development and Regional Integration'


International Evening at GIMI

GIMI's International Evening, as seen through the eyes of our dear graduate Mr. Robert Nviiri Mwesigwa

Read more >>>


International Evening




Joint Israeli–African School of Medicine


GIMI and the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Ghana have developed a six-year Special International Medical Training programme.  Students will be taught by faculty from the School of Medicine at UDS University, Ghana and by visiting Professors and Consultants from GIMI. The Elective Clinical training will be conducted in Ghana, Israel and Italy. This 6 year programme is conducted in English and is designed for students who wish to study medicine locally but receive international medical training and experience.


The final date for registration is 30th September, 2015


New programme from the Centre for Health Management:

Infectious Diseases – Attaining Control

The programme aims specifically to share the Israeli experience in the identification, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Lectures and tours provide applicable solutions to the wide variety of diseases covered in this programme. Further information and registration, please click here: Infectious Diseases - Attaining Control


GIMI Graduate, Mrs. Joanna Julianne Mendy from Gambia


New programme from the Centre for Transport and Marine Studies:

Transport and Road Safety

The rapid rate of motorisation in transitional countries in Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America and East Europe is causing a severe and increasing problem of road accidents and related consequences. Israel’s experience and the accumulated international knowledge can help deal more efficiently with this problem. To address this problem and offer solutions, Dr. Moshe Becker, a renowned expert in Road Safety and Academic Director for GIMI's Transport Programmes, has assembled a list of pertinent topics that can be held in five day workshops in Israel and in-country.












After many requests from our participants, our Business and Commercial Development Department are now able to identify for you companies or organisations that can assist you, when you have special requirements that need to be addressed. GIMI will ensure that our Graduates receive good service from these companies


GIMI has now signed an agreement with Intelitek. Intelitek is a leading international company specialising in distance learning solutions. The company offers wide variety of advanced learning solutions for all levels and specialises in smart classrooms as well as specialised curricula for vocational training.


Our Graduates' Accomplishments - Proud to say that you are GIMI ALUMNI


Our First GIMI Movie Star

After we read through the many success stories from you all, we found it very difficult to choose who to film.  Here is the first story, that we filmed, there will be more to come…. Congratulations to  Mr. Thomas Morara Choti, Senior Nursing Officer in Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. Mr. Thomas Choti  - please click  on the link to see his story.


Dr. Ngozi Orazulike, our dear graduate from "Health Systems Management" May 2011, Senior Lecturer at University of Port Harcourt, has climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Dr. Ngozi Orazulike climbing Mount Kilimanjaro


Warmest congratulations to GIMI Graduate Mr. Respicius Rwechungura from Tanzania, on the birth of his son Enrique on 13th May 2015.


Rwechungura family with their newest addition, Enrique





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We love our alumni