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Alumni Newsletter May - August 2016

Alumni Newsletter May - August 2016

Dearest Alumni Family,

We are both delighted and excited to show you our new website, together with our latest news. GIMI has been travelling again and it was lovely to see Graduates from Galilee Institute in their own countries.

Thank you too, for all the kind remarks regarding the last newsletter, they were most appreciated, I wish that I could answer them all personally, but I am delighted to say, there were far too many :-) However, all emails with questions were answered and always will be.

Just to remind you that we have not added too many photographs to the first page, but do click READ MORE, as there are many more photographs and information.

Warmest regards from all here,




GIMI President Dr. Shevel flew to Berlin in June as he was invited to be part of a new Institute focussing on peace and conflict resolution. He attended the inauguration of a new Research Institute in Berlin affiliated with the Dialogue of Civilizations Organisation.

During the meeting in Berlin Dr. Shevel met with Dr. Peter Roell, President, ISPSW Institute for Strategic, Political, Security and Economic Consultancy, Berlin, Germany which is comprised of former generals and ambassadors. They made plans to develop cooperation. Dr. Shevel also held a meeting with the Former Commander of German Intelligence, Major General Dr. August Hanning. 


Dialogue of Civilisations


22nd June GIMI President, Dr. Joseph Shevel was invited to be the keynote presenter at the regional dialogue on Land, Biodiversity Conservation and Extractives organised by The Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), in collaboration with the Civil Society Coalition on Oil and Gas (CSCO) and the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). Read More >>

Dr. Shevel on TV, during his lecture in Uganda


On the Way!

I recently received a delightful email from our dear graduate Abadi Kalayou, Director, Organisational Development & Management, Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia:
"This is to share a wonderful moment of mine what happened recently, which I thought worth sharing. It was a very special privilege for me to meet H.E Dr. Joseph Shevel, President (GIMI) whom I respect him very much, at Jomo Kenyata International Airport yesterday evening while he was on his way to Nairobi, after he concluded his trip to Ethiopia . I could not pass by without greeting and thanked him for all the opportunity , experience , Knowledge GIMI shared us and hospitality rendered to us at GIMI/Mizra that enable to capacitate and contribute to our country which I am proud to be GIMI Alumni". 

GIMI Graduate Abadi Kalayou, Director, Organisational Development & Management with Dr. Shevel at the airport!

GIMI Graduate Abadi Kalayou, Director, Organisational Development & Management with Dr. Shevel at the airport!



Dr. Shevel participated in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation meetings in Barcelona

The President of Galilee Institute, Dr. Joseph Shevel travelled to Barcelona to participate in meetings regarding Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Dr. Shevel is a Senate Member of EMUNI... 

Prof. Ilan Chen, Prof. Sultan Abu-Orabi and Dr. Shevel

Prof. Ilan Chen, Prof. Sultan Abu-Orabi and Dr. Shevel

Dr. Joseph Shevel visit to the Nigerian Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) 

16th August, Dr. Shevel had an enjoyable and productive meeting with GIMI Graduate, AVM Mohammed Sani Usman, Chief of Defence Intelligence at the DIA Headquarters in Abuja. They finalised the details regarding the two part programme on National Security, in cooperation with the DIA, scheduled to begin on the 5th of September, and will take place in Nigeria and then in Israel. Dr. Shevel was also delighted to see GIMI Graduates Cdre Danjuma Habson Moses and Mr. Anderson Maccarthy Ajiamah. Read more >>

Dr. Shevel and AVM Mohammed Sani Usman, Chief of Defence Intelligence




President of Liberia, HE Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel Laureate, visits Israel

Dr. Shevel and Ambassador (Ret.) Shemi Zur had the honour to meet the President of Liberia, HE Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel Laureate, during her state visit to Israel...Read more >>

Co-Existence Projects

An important part of GIMIs mission is to build bridges with our neighbours. We are proud of our work to promote peace with our Palestinian cousins. The following two projects are for Israelis and Palestinians, focussed on agriculture and, funded by USAID.

Youth Agribusiness Partnership Project for Israelis and Palestinians

The aim of this project was to give young Palestinian and Israeli participants the opportunity to open and develop agribusinesses for herbs, vegetables, dates or small ruminants . The best projects received a grant from USAID and included meetings and joint activities on conflict resolution and peace-making.

GIMI organised the seminars and recruited the Israeli participants and lecturers. GIMI partnered with the Palestinian Centre for Agriculture and Development and the Peres Centre for Peace . Additionally, GIMI has been part of a 3 year cooperation with Near East Foundation Nablus in joint Palestinian and Israeli projects.

NEF Closing 4 August 2016

 Dr. Nathan Tirosh Dean of GIMI

Dr. Nathan Tirosh

Advanced Leadership Workshops for Joint Israeli and Palestinian Women

Galilee Institute, Nahalal, held advanced workshops for Palestinian and Israeli women on leadership and entrepreneurship during the month of May 2016 Read more >>


Advanced Leadership Workshops for Israeli and Palestinian Women

Former President of Ethiopia, His Excellency Dr. Girma Wolde-Giorgis, visits GIMI

His Excellency Dr. Girma Wolde-Giorgis, Former President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, recently spent a week in Israel during May, under the auspices of GIMI. The VIP Delegation toured Israel... Read more >>

New Ambassador for Rwanda Visited GIMI

Dr. Shevel was delighted to show His Excellency Joseph Rutabana, Ambassador for the Republic of Rwanda, around our Head Office in Nahalal....Read more >>

Galilee Spotlight: Rwanda Water Project

Galilee Graduate Mr Leon Victor Mushumba, shares how Rwanda Water Project is bringing clean water to the most vulnerable communities in Rwanda and how his studies at Galilee Institute have impacted the project. Read more >>

 Mr Mushumba during a study tour at the Golan heights


Strengthening Cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina

29th August, H.E. Ms. Jelena Rajaković, Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina in Israel, met with Dr. Joseph Shevel, President of Galilee International Management Institute, in Nahalal. In an effort to strengthen cooperation between the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina  and Galilee Institute, the Institute's Board of Trustees has confirmed granting 50 tuition scholarships per year for 5 years.  Each scholarship covers the full tuition fee for any training programme to be held in Israel.  


H.E. Elie Antebi, Israeli Ambassador for Eritrea, Mr. Masic Damir, Advisor, Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Dr. Joseph Shevel, H.E Ms. Jelena Rajaković, H.E. Shemi Tzur and Ms. Linda Gutman


GIMI Programmes – New and Spotlighted!

Diplomacy Today: Newest Programme at GIMI

Galilee Institute, Nahalal, held an international seminar for the first time on the above mentioned subject in June-July 2016. Heading the programme is Ambassador (Retired) Shemi Tzur, who served in senior positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has recently retired from the Israeli foreign service and now in charge of Diplomatic Studies at the Institute. The programme focusses on new international challenges, how to deal with crises and the various ways to solve them, according to the Israeli experience. The first programme was attended by representatives from Asia, Africa and Latin America, including a Fiji government official, a diplomat from OAS (American States Organisation) and a senior official from the Foreign Ministry of Ghana. Faculty included senior officials from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Participants also visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, including the Situation Room and were extensively briefed by senior officials on extremist Islamic organisations in the Middle East, as well as security and regional issues and counterterrorism. Some participants plan to copy the Israeli Situation Room model to their countries' Ministries. In light of the success of the first seminar, Galilee Institute will hold an additional intake towards the end of 2016. 


Closing Ceremony June 2016 – GIMI Head Office in Nahalal

As all our dear graduates know, we hold a Closing Ceremony after the programmes have been completed and were touched and honoured by the speech made by our Graduate Dr. William Y. K. Brown, Country Director, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), Ghana. Dr. Brown participated in the Management and Control of HIV/AIDS & Infectious Diseases programme, June 2016 and was chosen to represent his class in the ceremony. This short segment from his speech offers an inspiring description of his experience. For more info on our health related programmes, click here.

Items of Interest!

How Israel contributes to the world: 12 Ways Israel is feeding the world

Participants come from as far away as FIJI, to attend our programmes! GIMI Graduate ASP Ilaitia Kurucake Caginavanua, Officer-in-Charge, Policy Development, Fiji Police Force, sent this from the Fiji Times.


We have also been encouraged and delighted to learn how many dear graduates have been promoted and advanced themselves, after attending GIMI Programmes. We offer our warmest congratulations and are very proud to report the following:

General Jeje Odong, is now Minister of Internal Affairs for Uganda and pictured here on his way to his inauguration, with Dr. Shevel. Press Interview with General Odongo

GIMI Graduate, the Hon. General Jeje Odongo, Minister of Internal Affairs, Uganda with Dr. Joseph Shevel

Dr. Jane Aceng, sent us the great news that she is now the Minister of Health for Uganda 

Hon. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health, Uganda

Mr. Allison Barnabas Yacob Mangu, has been promoted to Minister of Finance and Public Service for South Sudan.

Col. Peter Chege, owner of Woodvale Dairy & Breeding Farm in Kenya, is Galilee Institute's graduate from Livestock: Technology and Farm Management Programme in 2012. Click HERE to see him sharing his experience using knowledge that he and his wife gained at GIMI.

Eng. Samuel Ogege, Engineer working at Kenya National Highways Authority is Galilee Institute's graduate from Project Management Programme in 2011. Click HERE to see him sharing his experience using knowledge that he gained at GIMI, to successfully head a project.

Mr. Christian Mpalanzi started his own business because of an inspiration gained at his time here during the SMEs Management & Development Programme: he and his colleagues wrote a project and it is now up and running with exciting items to offer. It is called Wildebeest Travel and Tours. A tourist firm specialising in route and itinerary planning, beach holidays, wildlife safaris, mountain trekking , guided tour drives and safaris to all National Parks and Game Reserves in Tanzania. 

Wildebeest Tours and Safari, Tanzania and the King of Beasts

Wildebeest Tours and Safari, Tanzania, accommodation

Wildebeest Tours and Safari, Tanzania

Delighted to congratulate a second generation graduate, Ms. Chika Lucy Ihekire, from Nigeria, on her Master Degree in Engineering, with an extra honour of the Deans Award as the best graduating masters student in Chemical Engineering. Chika is the daughter of another dear Graduate, Major General Collins Remy Umunakwe Ihekiry, (hence the 2nd generation) and here are some more of her beautiful Graduation Photos with her family in the USA. 

Ms. Chika Ihekire

Ms. Chika Ihekire

GIMI Graduate, Mr. Orias Petrus Moedak, from Indonesia was promoted to CEO of Pelindo III with 43 ports covering ports in central and south eastern Indonesia including Bali. He sent us some lovely pictures. 

Fond memories from Orias Moedak

Mr. Orias Moedak

GIMI Graduate Ronald Lwakatare from Tanzania has now been made CEO for the Bus Rapid Transit Agency, DART and formal operations started 16th May 2016, with a fleet of 140 buses, we wish him success and happiness. 

Ronald Lwakatare new CEO of DART, Bus Rapid Transit Agency, Dar es Salaam

GIMI Graduate, Mr. Samuel Ayo Alabi, former Director at the ITF, Nigeria, has now opened a hotel in Akure. Congratulations to Mr. Samuel Ayo Alabi the new Chairman of the Al-Ba Royal Hotel and Suites, wishing you full occupancy at all times! 

Al-Ba Royal Hotel and Suites, Akure

Al-Ba Royal Hotel and Suites, Akure

GIMI Graduate, S. Ayo Alabi

Saving the most heartwarming and personal accomplishment until last: Our love and warmest congratulations must go to GIMI Graduate, Mrs. Claudia K. Okae Odjidja, HR. Operations Manager,UniBank (Ghana) Ltd on the birth of her beautiful baby boy Tekpenor Odjidja, at the end of last year. 

Claudia Odjidja's beautiful baby boy Tekpenor Odjidja born on 30th December 2015


We love our alumni