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About Us

About Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI)

About Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI)

Galilee International Management Institute develops advanced capacity building courses for professional personnel from all over the world. Since our establishment in Israel in 1987, we have received a global reputation as a leading management institute.

The institute was founded on the belief that all countries can advance their economies by investing in the human element - in the knowledge as well as the innovative, daring thinking of the people working in each sector of society. This belief followed as we witnessed the rapid economic and infrastructural development of Israel in less than seventy years since its establishment, despite the lack of natural resources. Social emphasis on education and initiative has proven to be a powerful engine of progress.

To date more than 18,000 senior managers, administrators and planners, from over 170 countries, have graduated from our programmes. As we are actively concerned with sustainable progress, the institute’s senior management keeps in touch with our graduates, fostering cooperation and knowledge sharing, years after their participation. In turn, the Institute’s valued alumni provide feedback that enables us to continue improving and making our programmes the most relevant from year to year.

What We Offer

The Institute brings together professionals from across the globe for short international programmes in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Additionally, we develop customised programmes tailored to the specific requirements of requesting organisations.

Our professionals work to create an in-depth learning experience that combines a commitment to professionalism with a personal touch. From meeting our participants at the airport, to evening activities and a dedicated staff of hand-picked social coordinators, we have earned the title of a home away from home by our graduates.


We love our alumni